A Safe Buying Guide For Second Hand Mobile Phones!

Its now a proven fact that cell phones are the 3rd most addictive item in modern life. People are actually going into therapy as a result of mobile phone addiction. You must have seen a teenager keep on texting nonstop for hours or adults walk for quite a stretch whilst stuck on their cell. Many car accidents are occurring as a result of drivers using their cells while driving. In the US alone, people use 850 billion minutes on cellular phones monthly. If you currently don’t own a mobile phone because samsung reparatur berlin you can’t afford a new one, second hand mobile phones are for you.

Price is mainly the reason why people opt for second hand mobile phones. This is because these phones can go for half the price of new ones or even lower. In electronic equipment, refurbished is a common word. Refurbished means that the phone had a technical issue that was fixed and the phone is available for resell. Another term is reconditioned, these are phones that were previously being used but were taken back for repairs before being resold. Reconditioning is like a makeover on the phone. Buying a used phone requires more attention and knowledge than when buying a new one.

Second hand mobile phones can be pocket friendly if carefully picked out or they can drill holes in your pocket. There are scenarios where people have bought faulty used phones unknowingly and ended spending more money on repairs that they would have on a new phone. When buying a used phone, buy it from re-sellers that are ready to give you a guarantee on the phone. Inspect the phone thoroughly for any cracks or chipped areas for these could signal that the phone has hit the floor on several occasions. It is also advisable to seek assistance from cellular experts.

Theft is a major turn off on second hand mobile phones. Statistics show that over 2 million cell phones are stolen yearly. To avoid buying stolen phones, it’s recommended to buy from accredited re-sellers and if buying directly from someone, ask for proof of ownership in form of purchase receipts or cell phone bills. Many governments have launched the Hand phone IMEI Tracing Systems (HITS), an online service that allows you to search the IMEI number of a phone against a database to check if it’s reported stolen. Remember it’s a criminal offense to retain or buy a stolen phone.