Find a psychiatrist: 10 factors that need to be considered

On my depression trip, I have found many other people with depression, as well as people without mental illness. Now the reason why I share this with you, is that I am amazed by how few people really know what psychiatrist really does.

For example, some people who have spoken to think that all psychiatrists are writing recipes for treatment, only that!

The simple truth is that psychiatrists do more than just prescription dishes …

… Psychiatrist is a medical doctor whose specialty in mental health (depression is just a mental health field that they specialize in).

What this means is that they can use care such as * cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), interpersonal therapy (IPT) – please see the note below this article for the definition of this provision – and they are allowed to prescribe drugs.

Not everyone with depression meet ADHD ADHD Treatment psychiatrists, but from my extensive experience (more than 20 years!) With depression, I found that the combination of seeing psychiatrists and taking anti-depression drugs worked best to manage my depression.

10 factors that need to be considered when finding a psychiatrist

For starters, most likely you have to get a referral letter from your general practitioner. But don’t worry, most of the general practitioners already have a list of their favorite psychiatrists that they can refer. I use a “favorite” work because your doctor is a good source for recommendations because their patients often give them feedback in which psychiatrists perform well. Also your doctor will hear from another doctor where the psychiatrist gets good feedback.

Explain to your doctor whether you prefer to see a male or female psychiatrist. I said this because when I was referred to my first psychiatrist, he was a man and I didn’t feel comfortable with him (or 2 next male psychiatrist!). This is truly a personal choice. For me, I found that I could be more open and said what I wanted to say with a psychiatrist for women than I could with men.

After you have a reference, a psychiatrist’s office phone and make an appointment. Please don’t be discouraged if you have to wait a few weeks before getting an appointment with it seems to be a standard time frame.

On the appointment of your first meeting (usually about 1 hour) with your psychiatrist, it really knows you make an appointment. Psychiatrists will ask many questions to you so they can better understand you and what your expectations are to see it. It is impossible for CBT anywhere will take place at this initial appointment.