How Do I Know If Someone is Monitoring Me to Know When I Am Online?

The reason why you would want to know if someone is monitoring you to know when you are online is varied and may depend on your particular needs. You may be concerned about your significant other or business partner, or you might be worried that someone is watching your credit cards or bank account. Whatever the reason, there are ways to track online activity and stop someone from spying on you. Listed below are some ways to keep track of anyone you care about.


The TCPView utility is a great way to see what processes are connected to what resources on your computer. It lets you stop processes and close connections as well as perform a quick Whois lookup. I’ve found this program to be a great tool for troubleshooting problems. If you’re curious about how to use TCPView, you should check out the instructions below.

TCPView is a program developed by the same developer as Process Explorer. The application shows all connections to any computer, and displays their local and remote addresses, port numbers, and the amount of data sent and received. It also displays the state of a connection new connections show as green, changed connections are yellow, and closed connections are red. There are a few ways to modify TCPView to see what you’re looking for, including changing the auto-refresh speed and filtering processes. You can use TCPView on Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

Privacy Badger

If you’re wondering how to tell if someone is monitoring me to see when I’m online, you’re not alone. The possibility exists that your employer has a monitoring policy in place. This policy could include how you plug in your computer, what programs you open, and how often your computer goes to sleep. These are just a few examples of why someone might be monitoring your online activity.

If you suspect your computer is being watched, the best way to determine if this is the case is to disconnect from the internet. Disconnecting from the internet will break the connection, and the monitoring will stop. You can then learn how to block the surveillance. Here are some methods to use to detect whether someone is watching you. Depending on the extent of the monitoring, this method may require some technical knowledge.


To protect your privacy while online, use tools like Disconnect, a browser extension that visualizes online trackers. Depending on your browser settings, Disconnect can display harmless or sensitive trackers. Disconnect is easy to use, and available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Simply open the browser extension when you are on a site you want to be private, and you’ll see which trackers are tracking you.

First, you should look at the logs on your computer. The system logs should show unusual activity. If you find any suspicious entries, how to hack someone’s phone remotely shut down your web browser, and research the source. If the source of the monitoring is a corporate business, they could be monitoring your activities. There are other signs to look for, but these are the most common. In some cases, you may not even realize that someone is watching your online activity.

Cell phone spying software

You can tell if someone is monitoring your online activity by noticing unusual data usage on your phone. Spyware can use the GPS function to track where you’re located in real time, but it can also overheat your device. Remote monitoring will also spike data usage. Check for an unusual spike in data usage. Other signs you may notice are unusually high data usage. Your phone may also appear malfunctioning. It may have a red or blue screen or be unresponsive.

You’re most likely not aware of the fact that your phone is being monitored. Spying apps use data to constantly update your attacker. Even if you have unlimited data, these applications will still need plenty of data to function properly. Even if you have unlimited data, your plan may throttle you after using a certain amount. To avoid this, check your SIM information and data usage for apps.