Web Design is overloaded with content with densely spaced keywords and has sunk into oblivion. And this is good news. Instead of illogical SEO keywords comes the era of LSI copywriting – the era of vibrant and “correct” content. Content that promotes the growth of attendance and allows you to create cool content that meets all modern requirements!

How to write the Content for Web Design Sharjah promotion / eCommerce Website today in our article.


Search engines have become smarter. If earlier web design Dubai offered us sheets of meaningless content, very often stacked with dedicated keys, now the situation has changed dramatically for the better. Google has launched an algorithm to screen out low-quality content, bringing web design Dubai with useful and well-prepared materials to the first places in the top. All foreign trends come to our market for a fairly short period of time, so if you want to continue to remain in the trend in 2019-2020, then the future lies in LSI-copywriting.

Google have become even more demanding, and now not only the uniqueness of the content is important, not only the main keys are important, but also the surrounding context, which should be interconnected, must correspond to the subject of the post and the main key. Users’ enthusiasm is determined by the bounce index: an interesting Website Maintenance Dubai is one on which the reader lingered for more than 30 seconds.

We conclude: modern text depends on the content and meaning, and not on the spam key phrases scattered across it.


You will lose the leading position in the TOP, if you continue to set the keys at random, in the hope that “it will work.” However, this is not the whole list. 

Your Content is irrelevant if it: 

  • Stolen from another website or non-unique;
  • It is a huge “sheet” of more than 20 thousand characters;
  • Contains many highlighted words in bold or italic;
  • It consists of “water” – empty words to increase the volume of the text;
  • Rich in grammatical and stylistic errors.
  • Not helpful to user


First, find a good copywriter. Even copywriters with the name can “pour water” and approach to writing material superficially. For the content to be attractive, the copywriter needs to have a good idea of ​​what he/she is writing and just as confidently present the information to the potential audience. By the way, about the latter: when writing an article, a copywriter is guided not by himself, but by the target audience for which he writes!

There are some more secrets that good copywriters use in their work:

  • The optimal number of characters in the text: 3000-8000 (the extreme minimum is 1500 characters for the section and 500-700 for the goods card);
  • The uniqueness of the text from 92%.
  • Keyword density in the text should not exceed 3-4%.  
  • The content should carry a goal, a call to action, to be expert and useful.
  • Write easy. Simple and understandable material is perceived better than its counterpart, stuffed with obscure terminology.
  • Do not forget about the structure and rhythm. Alternate long and short sentences; divide the text into subheadings, headings, add lists to it – this contributes to its easy visual perception.
  • Eliminate errors. Make friends with grammar, syntax and punctuation – readers better perceive literate text that complies with the norms and rules of the language in which it is written. 
  • Use bulleted lists, photo and video content.

Important! Be sure to use synonyms and around the semantic group of words, creating the “right environment”.

A striking example is the query “crossovers” (type of car body). The landing page can be ranked in the TOP and receive thematic traffic both on request “crossovers” and on request “SUVs” (even without a single occurrence of the last word on the page).


Do not be surprised if the services of a good copywriter seem expensive to you. If you assign your work to a competent specialist, and not to a schoolboy on the freelance market, then get ready to spend at least AED 1.50/word for 1000 characters depending on the complexity of the material and subject matter, the need to delve into the question and other nuances.

Good LSI copywriting is paying off. Believe me, it is worth it and will justify itself in the future.

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