Logitech G11 Keyboard Review – Is This The Best Gaming Keyboard Ever?

“Oh, my god! This is an vast keyboard” was the first actual expression of mine after I saw the box of Logitech G11 keyboard. Impressively it became a massive keyboard with 21.Five” period and 10.25” width, but has a groovy and attractive look. With the tremendous design of Logitech G11, it consists of 18 macro keys which of the every held 3 modes and so it offers the capability of 54 more keys except the 104 general keys. As this High-tech featured keyboard gives us fifty four extra key features, your curiosity may additionally compel you to study this evaluation and for positive the time you spend right here will in no way be a waste. Latest version of the Logitech gamers’ keyboard or the advanced version of Logitech G11 might be launched in near destiny, however lamentably at a excessive fee stage.

Simply, Logitech G11 is a keyboard which was particularly designed for game enthusiasts and strength customers. This gaming keyboard has a unique design with the keys of high exceptional, provides an wonderful gaming experience. Not handiest the dimensions of the keys, however additionally the positions of the keys, beautify the effectiveness and the performance as well. If there’s a keyboard which created nearly with ideal key capabilities, that is it. This Logitech G11 fulfills main necessities of a gaming keyboard that 100% accurate capability purple mechanical keyboard and further consolation. These two key capabilities without delay effect to improve your attention in gaming nature. Another uniqueness is that the blue backlighting impact which lets you play the games or carry out any procedure even as you’re within the dark and this cool and excellent feature actually helps you to experience the gaming nature in darkish.

Macro keys, the principle function of Logitech G11, have been named as “G keys” and inside the pinnacle of the keyboard there are some media keys. When you go through the keys, you’ll have a look at the shortage of the media keys which can be vain and the G keys may be functioned in multimedia functions too. As the quick launch buttons induce the laziness, Logitech G11 developers haven’t protected them inside the keyboard and the alternative thrilling characteristic is that you could disable the standard characteristic keys along with Right Selection key and Windows key if you want to prevent the by accident cease yourself from the sport. Three backlight tiers as off, low and excessive may be adjusted through the usage of the backlight button which positioned at the proper facet of the keyboard and close to that button you may locate the mute button as properly.

The first and fundamental gaming enjoy which I had with this Logitech G11 was experienced on Red Dead Redemption. When I play the sport, I feel the distinction due to the fact the keys do not click on or clack and they’re now not too stiff or too soft. Also the gambling recreation was quite enjoyable than before and I became capable of play the sport with smooth and very secure as this Logitech G11 keyboard was especially designed for gamers. When we discuss about its layout, its weight also better than the ordinary keyboards and the weight of three.9 lbs enables to save you the movements of the keyboard at the same time as playing a recreation. Logitech G11 keyboard’s correct functioning and short responsiveness become drastically improved the gaming experience of mine and I assume it become the best gaming enjoy which I ever had.

Logitech G11 was designed with a USB 2.Zero hub, but USB 1.1 unpowered port changed into located in the returned panel of the keyboard and so that you do not want to eat a while in looking bandwidth of USB 2.0. Special software program should be established to configure the G keys and media keys and even though this software isn’t always available, the Logitech G11 keyboard functions flawlessly as a everyday keyboard.

Frankly, I observed a minor downside and it’s far that in case you aren’t a perfect typist or a hint typist, although this Logitech G11’s backlight gives an appealing look for your PC; you cannot use the keyboard with the backlights in a lighted condition. This is due to the fact its lights results aren’t tolerable to the necked eye.

I suppose that the gamers are the exceptional matching users for this Logitech G11 keyboard and non game enthusiasts also will gain through this keyboard as this offers a amazing attraction to the PC. I consider that in case you don’t very own a Logitech G11 you will certainly try your best to own a groovy and appealing gaming device like this. If you are a primary man or woman shooter gamer (FPS gamer), you’ll be able to have more benefits of this keyboard when compared to a person who performs method video games.