Tips to Increase Visibility on Google Search Results

A website is vital for any business, as this is where people go if they want to learn more about the company and what it offers online. However, having your website built is not enough. People need to know about it so you can get visitors and get the chance to convert them into clients. The majority of users look for something on the Internet through the use of a search engine. 

There are different search engines available, but Google is the most popular. When users search on Google, the results will show up, containing the websites that meet the keywords searched. If your site is included on the first page of the result you will gain more visibility. It will also give your site better chances of being visited. If you operate anywhere in Atlanta, an Atlanta SEO specialist can help increase your visibility on Google search results. There are also things that you can try on your end to achieve this goal. 

Create your Google My Business account

Registering for a Google My Business account is free and easy. It will make your business Google verified, and it will give you a better chance of being found, especially on local searches. Make sure that your details are correct because it will also help your business get more clients. For instance, if customers are looking for a service you offer in your area, your business will show when they perform a search. They will use your details to contact you if they get interested. If it is not up to date, you lose the chance of gaining potential sales. Include a link to your website so users can click on it, and they will be taken to your site should they wish to check it.  

Target relevant and high-ranking keywords

The right keywords will make your site more visible in search results, especially if they are used correctly. The best SEO agency can help you find the top keywords to use for your site. Some SEO tools will help you generate the appropriate keywords to use in your business. They will also show more information about the keywords that will help you decide which to use. It includes their ranking on the searches and the percentage of sites that use them. 

Use the keywords that you choose naturally on your pages. They must be relevant to your content, as Google can determine this. Add the keywords on your page titles, meta description, tags, content, subheads, and images. It will give you better chances of being on top of the search result, thus increasing your exposure. 

Ensure the speed of your website

The speed of your website also affects your search result visibility. Google considers the bounce rate and the time that users spend on your website when determining your ranking. If visitors spend more time on your page, it means that they find your content helpful and relevant. However, if they leave right away, it could mean that they didn’t find what they are looking for, and it could hurt your placing in the search results. If your website is slow and takes time for the content to load, users may leave immediately. Google may think that your content is irrelevant or unhelpful. 

Make your website responsive

Your site should not only load quickly, but it should load properly too. If it’s not readable, or users have difficulties reading it because of the poor display, they may also leave. Again, this may hurt your ranking in Google search. See to it that your site loads properly on all platforms, whether on computers, or mobile devices. A lot of people are now using their mobile phones to access the Internet. You don’t want to miss reaching this audience if your site is unresponsive. Also, include keywords used in voice searches. Many mobile users use this to do their search. For example, instead of typing “spa salon Atlanta”, they may use the keywords “where to find spa salons in Atlanta”. Target these keywords too, so you will rank on voice searches. 

Use catchy titles

Getting your exposure by ranking high is one thing, but capturing the interest of the users is another thing. Be sure that your titles are catchy to entice users to click on them and be directed to your site. However, it shouldn’t also be too much that it may end up promising something other than what they can get from your content. For example, instead of using the title “Benefits of SEO” a better title that may attract more attention would be “Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Start Using SEO in your Website”. 

There is no magic in increasing your website’s visibility on Google search results. It will require effort on your part. Keep doing the best practices in search engine optimization like the ones listed above, and you will get the result you are aiming for at the right time.