Top 10 Tips to Bet the NFL

The problem with public bettors is that they don’t handicap their games completely. Whether you are betting on baseball, hockey, football or basketball, you have to look at the stats when you handicap your games. However, your success can depend on the stats that you use.

Most of the public use the general and most 해외축구중계 common statistics available when handicapping their games. Though this data is useful, general statistics only show the tip of the iceberg. There are other stats that directly correlate to a specific aspect of the game that will provide clearer insight on a match-up.

When it comes to betting on baseball, many sports bettors look primarily at the starting pitchers and their current record. Unfortunately, because the record doesn’t accurately reflect how good the pitcher is, using the win/loss record of pitchers is a losing baseball betting strategy. Instead, look at two often ignored stats such as Run Supports and Ball In Play Average.

Felix Hernandez won the 2010 AL Cy Young with a record of 13-12. A pitcher that is one game above.500 doesn’t exactly exude the dominance that we are used to in a Cy Young winner. Nonetheless, Hernandez beat out the Yankee’s CC Sabathia and his impressive record of 21-7. I am not saying that Sabathia is average; he is far from it. But the fact is that when a team’s offense is producing run support, an average pitcher could look like a Cy Young contender.

Pitching alone doesn’t win games, and a pitcher’s record also reflects how the offense is producing. Just think what Hernandez’s record would have been if he had the run support of a team like the Yankees?

The next time you are handicapping a baseball game, take a peek at his run support. Because pitchers have different styles, run support varies from pitcher to pitcher – even on the same team.

Reviewing this stat might make you like a game even more, or save your bankroll from telling you to lay off a game.

Many professional handicappers look for pitchers that have the propensity to keep the ball out of play. They do this with the use of the stat Balls In Play Average (BIPA).

When a pitchers allows more balls in play, there is a higher probability for more base runners and runs for the opposition. Though there are outliers, like Derek Lowe (a relatively low ERA with a high BIPA), a pitcher with a high BIPA would require more run support to win a game.