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Would you like to find out more about how the SEO Tool called Dominating G and its plugins really work? This product is created by 2 of the best SEO minds in the industry right now, Mark Dulisse and Chris Freville. As a search engine optimization expert, Mark has consistently been able to get into the top spots of Google’s organic search results targeting the most competitive and profitable keyword phrases.

1. What Exactly Does Mark Dulisse Teach In His Dominating G Course?

Of course, he does not teach all his members to target google business reviews buy the most competitive keywords because that competition can be very hard to break into especially for beginners. Instead, he shows people how to automatically optimize their sites and blogs for terms that most other marketers miss using his plugins and SEO tools that make the entire SEO process almost fully automated. Another crucial skill that I have learned from this course is how to turn all the free traffic I get from his plugins into sales and profits using the right product offers.

2. An Example of How Dominating G’s Plugins Can Help You

You may have already read that one of the capabilities that Mark claims his plugins can do is to automatically help you sites and blogs rank without much work. At first glance, this might seem too good to be true, but on further research and understanding how the plugin actually works, this is actually very real and really works. With the plugins, I do not even need to think of or research on all the keywords that I think my niche market will potentially use to find my products.

3. How Does The Dominating G Plug-In Know Exactly Which Keyword Phrase It Needs to Tag Onto Your Sites?

Instead, I simply set up the plug-in and it automatically tags the keywords on my web pages according to what my visitors came in with. For example, when my visitor searches for “SEO Tools” and lands on my blog, the plugin is able to automatically add the term “SEO Tools” as one of my page tags.

This automatically reinforces my sites SEO. In essence, all this work can be done manually but it would probably take a couple of hours to do. Also, it builds itself progressively over time, and over the long run, is capable of helping my websites to rank highly in the search engines with very little manual work on my part.